30 Years

In 2023 RRR Women will celebrate 30 years of empowering, connecting and supporting rural, regional and remote Queensland women. 

For three decades, our members and women across the state have been making an impact and leaving a legacy on communities, families, industries, economies and each-other – we’re bold, inclusive, encouraging and caring, partnering to build a better future. 

To acknowledge the milestone, we’re sharing your stories – stories of Queensland women who, in their own way, are leaving their mark on the state. 

We all have a story. To share yours, and contribute to this special-edition publication, or nominate someone who you think should be involved, get in touch: 

Contact emma.clarke@qrrrwn.org.au 

About the project 

Across Queensland, beyond farm gates, the force behind communities and, sometimes subconsciously, making our own impact and leaving our own legacies on Queensland, every rural, regional and remote women has a story to tell. Those stories are of families and farms, personal challenges and triumphs, businesses, ideas, histories, recipes, memories and everything that makes rural, regional and remote women who and what we are. RRRW are monitoring and living in the landscape, giving feedback on the environment, as well as on community and local issues. Often the challenge is in convincing each other our stories are worth sharing – but they all are. 

Rural, Regional and Remote Womens’ 30 year anniversary story-telling project, 30 years, 30 women, 30 stories, celebrates these women and our stories. These stories will highlight change, address issues, share value and insight, create a legacy, foreground challenges and successes, set a precedent and overall illustrate the impact rural, regional and remote Queensland women have on the state’s communities, industries, economies, workforces and markets – but above all one-another. They will set an example for women to share their own story, and provide support and inspiration for those who choose not to. These Queensland women don’t have to be RRR Women members and there’s no criteria to be involved. We’ll contribute to rural, regional and remote Queensland communities in different ways, perhaps through a commitment, work or passion or because we call them home. We don’t need to be making a public impact, or be a leader or well-known, stories are made in every part of the state, from every background and experience and belong to every woman.  

Overall, 30 years, 30 women, 30 stories, will be a resource for rural, regional and remote women to celebrate ourselves and one-another, but at the same time deliver a valuable resource for RRR Women now and in the future.