Our Purpose

We partner with Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote women to build a better future.



We are confident and courageous ​

  • We innovate and adapt ​
  • We set big goals and chase our dreams ​
  • We turn adversity into opportunity 


Differences make us stronger ​

  • We engage with communities and understand what is important to them ​
  • We celebrate and recognise diversity ​
  • We promote respect and unity  


We turn compassion into action ​

  • We are open and honest and trust each other ​
  • We check in and respect how people feel ​
  • We are supportive of each other 


We lead from the front ​

  • We support RRR women on their journey ​
  • We celebrate and acknowledge achievements of RRR women ​
  • We speak up, advocate for and encourage others to support RRR women 

Our Strategic Priorities (3-5 years)

Our Sustainability ​

  • Financial sustainability – achieved
  • Profitability and financial freedom
  • All operational activities fully resourced
  • Continual year on year growth
  • We have uncommitted surplus funds that can support members, by discretion of the board 

Our Member Experience​

  • We offer such value to our membership base, that it grows continuously and organically
  • QRRRWN name is known & respected as the peak body representing QRRR women and is a partner of choice
  • Influential policy advisors at all levels of government to ensure policy setting serves the needs of all QRRR women

Our Organisational Excellence

  • Effective platforms are in place to support service offerings for QRRRWN team and members
  • Enable members to innovate and connect locally & state-wide with relevant networks and partners
  • QRRRWN portal connects, networks and promotes activities of QRRR women
  • Active, engaged motivated volunteers that grow sustainably – board, locally & state levels
  • QRRRWN’s operations move from bi-annual goals to strategic goals

Our Reputation

  • QRRRWN team are highly capable and motivated volunteers and staff, that align with and live QRRRWN values
  • QRRRWN is a high quality, high profile brand that others want to be associated with