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Q&A with Board President Julie Mayne and her mustering cat

Julie Mayne, Dulacca

Why do you live where you live?

After 30 years living and working in western Queensland, I settled here with my two young children. It’s the community, services and locality that I love!

Where’s your nearest doctor and grocery store?

About an hours drive away.

How far are your nearest neighbours?

About 17km.

What do you spend the majority of your time doing?

Working my farm. I start the day with a plan, and it gets shattered immediately, and I work by prioritising jobs of importance. It may be fixing waters, treating animals, fencing etc. It can be frustrating sometimes because my small term goals on the farm never seem to get done.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I love my cattle, nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting in the paddock being with them. I also love the landscape and environment, the rhythm of the land and its seasons, watching things grow (and die, in the drought, was heartbreaking). Always observing new plants, birds, I have two brolgas who live beside the house, a cheeky fox that annoys my dogs each night, a cat that comes mustering with me, and last week I saw a koala!

If you could have an infinite supply of anything, what would it be?

Rain, on demand! Basically, we as farmers convert rain into cash. How we do this depends on soil type, where we live, how we manage our pastures, soil and environment, dictates what, and how we grow.

What don’t people know about rural, regional and remote Queensland women?

They are smart, stylish, caring, supportive, and incredibly savvy. Living where they live, they learn to know their capabilities, and those of others, and they can spot bullshit a mile off! And, they hate the word resilient…

What do you do on a day / afternoon / evening / weekend off?

Ha! What’s that???

What motivates you as a member of the RRRW Board – why did you join?

To raise awareness of the incredible women in our families, communities, businesses, and industry. They are the unsung heroes of agriculture, they are leaders in every form, and we need to recognise and champion what and how they contribute to make our lives better.

Best kept secrets about my local community?

The Dulacca Hotel, on the Warrego Highway. Child friendly, women friendly, run by women. Great space to pull up, rest, grab a coffee or lunch (great menu), and let kids run around.

Our local ladies doing business, all withing a 40km radius from Dulacca. Be sure to check them out:







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