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RRR Women – My Story – Carrie Bourke

Your name and where are you from 

Carrie Bourke. I live in a beautiful valley called Derrymore, 25 kms southeast of Toowoomba 

Why do you live where you live? 

I love wide open spaces and so we have a small property with cattle, a few horses and my beloved 3 chooks and cat who is 18! My husband and I are country born and bred and love that we are so close to town but far enough away from the busyness of city living. We wouldn’t be anywhere else. 

Where’s your nearest doctor and grocery store? 

My GP is 10 kms and so is the nearest convenience store.  

How far are your nearest neighbours? 

We can see them all but have lots of space between us.  

What do you spend the majority of your time doing (your job/ your industry etc)? 

I am currently working full time as a nurse in education management, so this takes up my day. I am passionate about rural nursing and midwifery practice and staff wellness.  

Why are you passionate about what you do? 

Every nurse & midwife requires the right skills to support the communities that they work in. Each community is different but they must be competent in the required core skills to deliver safe and effective care. I am also a strong advocate for staff wellness, you can’t give from any empty cup. 

If you could have an infinite supply of anything, what would it be? 

Water! I love rainwater, listening to it, swimming in and of course we depend on it living in the country for stock, maintaining a bit of a garden and for our household use. 

What don’t people know about rural, regional and remote Queensland women? 

We are flexible and roll with the punches, we improvise, create and make do with what we have to do our best so we can to keep it all together. 

What do you do on a day/ afternoon/ evening/ weekend off? 

I’m a walker, I am in training to hike 3 Capes in Tassie later in the year. Travelling to interesting places especially where there is water and mountains makes my heart sing. I am also a meditation and mindfulness practitioner so I do lots of this for myself and support others. And I do love to read all sorts of things but mostly personal development. Cooking good country food, baking and enjoying time with family and friends is the spice of life.  

What motivates you as a member of the RRRW board – why did you join? 

I am here to support RRRW anyway I can, I love the connection of this tribe of incredible women and have met so many wonderful new ladies this year. My background in nursing/midwifery education and training has supported my capacity to engage and support our Embracing Leadership Program. Witnessing transformation and self-belief is very satisfying. 

What else do we need to know about you, or what else would you like to share? 

I have a higher purpose statement that gets me out of bed in the morning: 

“Be here with Heart: When we create space to live our lives on purpose and with self-compassion, we connect with a higher place to trust, let go and live a more meaningful life”. 

My favourite quote is: “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves” – Victor Frankl 

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