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Bus stop drinks with Nadine, Melinee, Melanie, Pip, Monica, Alana and Ruth from Banana

With thanks to Nadine Kurtz, Melinee Leather, Melanie Shannon, Pip Galloway, Monica Anderson, Alana Carter and Ruth Wagner, Barfield Road Producer Group, Banana

Why do you live where you live?  

There’s productive cattle country, people and diverse opportunities in the area.

Where’s your nearest doctor and grocery store?  


How far are your nearest neighbours? 

5 minute drive

Why are you passionate about what you do?  

We enjoy networking and collaborating with others in agriculture. We love sharing ideas with each other in our group so we’re all achieving the group values of being sustainable and productive. We are passionate about seeing each other succeed.  

If you could have an infinite supply of anything, what would it be?   

Water as it forms the basis for life and time.

What don’t people know about rural, regional and remote Queensland women?  

We are resilient. We have a high level of involvement in our businesses. We are also skilled and resourceful. We are drivers of practice change, succession and technology. We’re not just focused on our own properties however have a world view on others lives. We care about people in the city.

What do you do on a day / afternoon/ evening / weekend off?  

Head to the Banana pub, have drinks at our bus stop or we’re at home enjoying family time.

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