Embracing Leadership Program


Thank you for all the applicants for their tremendous effort, communication is coming your way shortly

Our goal is to strengthen the capabilities and leadership opportunities for Queensland RRR women. We know when women lead, they significantly increase their economic and community participation and build their resilience, resourcefulness and recognition. 

RRR Women (QRRRWN), with world-class partners Actrua, are delivering RRR Women – Embracing Leadership Program, a free bespoke development program for rural, regional and remote Queensland women, funded by the Australian Government.  It will run annually for three years, with 28 lucky Queensland RRR women per cohort. 

RRR Women (QRRRWN) members will be chosen, from formal applications, to participate in seven month facilitated programs which includes two face-to-face workshops where all accommodation is provided, including a maximum of $750 travel subsidies. Participants will partake in multiple online workshops and one-on-one mentoring.  Our Leadership Program will: 

  • Support RRR Women members, who permanently live in rural, regional and remote (RRR) areas within Queensland. 
  • Improve RRR women’s economic security by building their financial competence and business capabilities 
  • Enhance the participation of RRR women to build entrepreneurial confidence 
  • Help build connections and network businesses and build leadership capabilities 
  • Support social or for-profit entrepreneurs creating RRR based solutions – driven by isolation, who are determined to be innovative 

Cohort 1: 2021-22

Applications closed


Cohort 2: 2022-23

Applications closed


Cohort 3: 2023-24

Applications open now


Thinking of applying for the program?

Do you have a QRRRWN membership and live in a RRR (rural, regional or remote) area?

Do you want to lean into your new career or family business, and want to make a difference, for you, your family, and your community?

Do you have the ambition to elevate your RRR community and want to make a difference through new and collaborative ways?

Do you want to be connected to a group of like-minded RRR women who choose to lead in their respective professions and make rewarding new networks?

Do you want to develop, stretch yourself and grow your capability to lead?

If YES, then the RRR Women – Embracing Leadership Program is for you!

Program Application Dates

RRR Women ACTIVATE 2021-2022

Closed – program completed.

RRR Women ACCELERATE 2022-2023 

Closed – program completed.

RRR Women ELEVATE 2023-2023 

Closed – program begins in May 2023.

24 March 2023Applications open 7:00am
21 April 2023Applications closed
24-30 April 2023 Applications short-list – completed
1-5 May 2023Applications – offers and acceptance
31 May 2023Program start
November 2023Program end
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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be:

A woman and have lived in one of the RRR communities (Government definition) for a minimum of 2 years. Please see this LINK for information. A member of RRR Women (QRRRWN). Not a member? Join now!

We are seeking applications from a wide range of professions, generations (18+), abilities, cultures and geographical distribution. In addition, we are looking for a range of personal experience, leadership potential and personal attributes amongst our participants.

Women with a demonstrated interest in building themselves, their communities, their businesses and developing leadership skills are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should have the ability to commit the required time and energy to the program and to engage as an active learner.

Based on your desired outcomes and experiences, we recommend you apply for a targeted cohort – Accelerate or Elevate. This will:

  • ensure program content is targeted and relevant to participants
  • enable women with similar goals and aspirations to come together to learn from and with one another
  • ensure the RRR Women experts involved in the program are aligned with – participant-needs
  • allow core content to be adapted year-to-year so it addresses the specific challenges and needs of each group
  • Complete the online application form.
  • After applications close, we shortlist our applicants and contact you to attend an online interview.
  • Once all interviews are conducted, the selection panel will inform you of their decision.
  • Details of the program will be provided upon acceptance.
This program is provided FREE OF CHARGE, and to a maximum of $750 per person for travel expenses. RRR Women is a Not-For-Profit organisation that operates on the generosity of our funding and community sponsors and partners. The lucky program participants will undertake a unique learning journey valued at $10,000 per person.
Cohort 2 workshops will be held in Toowoomba.
We require a minimum 85% attendance rate or better, by all participants. This includes attendance at two overnight workshops, online workshops, mentoring & key topic sessions.
We will switch to e-facilitation to ensure the 7-month program can be continued. We would likely shorten the days and ‘chunk’ the online sessions to ensure plenty of breaks. Hopefully this won’t happen as we’ve had very few impacts on Queensland programs.
We will look at this on a case by case basis and will depend on what stage of the program the withdrawal occurs.
No. We are wanting to share the development opportunity to as many RRR women as possible.
Yes. We will call for nominations each year.

Actrua is our program partner.

They are co-designing & delivering the program with oversight from the RRR Women (QRRRWN) board. They are a specialised and skilled training and leadership development organisation and have delivered many programs in RRR areas of Australia and overseas.

RRR Women (QRRRWN) board entered into lengthy communications with Actrua after assessments of multiple organisations, to ensure best fit and expertise in what we planned to do.

They are especially excited to be partnering with us on this journey. See https://actrua.com.au.


Can you commit to this program over 7 months to complete the RRR Women Leadership incubator journey of self-discovery and insight?

If you have any queries about the RRR Women Embracing Leadership Program, please contact the Executive Support Officer eso@qrrrwn.org.au