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Congratulations to all our 2021 RRR Women’s Award winners!

Our RRR Women’s Awards 2021 has been run and won and was a time for us to celebrate our winners’ contributions to their communities, businesses, and industries within RRR.

The RRR Women’s Awards are a completely new initiative in awards, and hopefully the start of a benchmark for highlighting the outstanding work these women are doing to keep our regions vibrant, supported, and alive.

Congratulations to all our 2021 RRR Women’s Award winners!

RRR Young Woman of the Year – Laura Rutherford

This woman (16-25) thinks outside the box, follows her dreams, and takes action to put these altogether. She uses her creativity through her skills and talents to promote community, culture, environment, business, industry, and people.

RRR Creative Woman of the Year – Olivia Everitt

The artists, the authors, the designers, the innovators, the ones who, regardless of the challenges of distance, isolation, and lack of services, always find time to augment the local community and others by sharing their skills and passion to inspire us all.

RRR Women’s Community Builder of the Year – Kristy Board

This woman cannot help but give back. She contributes to her community through current and past NFP work, she volunteers for everything! She focuses on community initiatives that are necessary and unique to RRR to keep them alive. Whether it be a gardening club, camp draft, kids sport, through to running large scale events. We all have one in our community, who goes above and beyond with her passion and drive.

RRR Women’s Emerging Enterprise of the Year – Rebecca Cross

This woman has started her own business or contributed significantly to the growth of her organisation in her chosen area of focus and has helped define its success. She is a professional who is in enterprise, business, industry, or an organisation who has the qualities of vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, and leadership in RRR areas.

RRR Women’s Champion of the Year – Robin McConchie

She empowers, supports and highlights RRR Women by building honest relationships. She is changing the landscape for RRR Women in her own way to support and champion them, and highlight their issues, and to bridge the gap between RRR areas and our urban counterparts. She wants to make their lives better through her activity in a metropolitan area by highlighting and promoting our RRR Women through philanthropic work or volunteering.

RRR Woman of the Year 2021 – Rebecca Cross

The winner of this category is the best of the best and is an extremely difficult choice to make for the judges. The finalists for this category are the winners of each individual category – RRR Women Community Builder, RRR Creative Woman of the Year, RRR Women’s Champion of the Year, RRR Remote Woman of the Year, RRR Young Woman of the Year and RRR Women’s Emerging Enterprise of the Year.

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